you’re not friends if you haven’t pooped at each others houses

but what if the friend is across the country or in another country?


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                                 { ɪ } ᴡᴀs мєαηт

                                                       ŧ ø ʙᴇ   ::    ::

                       —ωasn’t   і ?

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Anonymous asked: You rock!

anonymously tell me what you think of my character portrayal.

I really love when other people mention Paradox in their threads! ^-^ Even though it’s just in passing during their conversation, still makes me smile that he gets his name mentioned occasionally.

I’m a butt. Also Dexter is the best scientist ever!


((OK, calmed down and my cats are now glued to my side. Babies stop, I need the space.))

((But seriously I do need money because my credit card company keeps screwing me over. All commissions will be priced the same as in my Emergency Commission post, but with a bonus. 

Bonus: If you order two commissions you get another for free! Terms are, you get one of lesser value. Order two detailed sketches and you get another sketch; order two painted full body and you get an inked full body for free.))


((Mun here, cat has some urinary infection and my father is going into surgery tomorrow. I won’t be on as much. We’re really low on cash so I am more than open for doing commissions. It’s been a rough couple of weeks, sorry everyone. I’m on mobile sorry, but the link to more info is at the top. Thank you to everyone who has either signal boosted or donated, it really means a lot.))

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Still on Hiatus

Yes folks.. I’m not back properly just yet.. I just happen to have internet for a few minutes and am using them to reblog and like random posts xD

Thanks for understanding!

Hope you are all staying safe.

Mun is taking a Hiatus…

Alright… I probably wont be on much for the next few weeks… Sadly I am literally out of cash and a lot of things are getting cut off on me.. Phone, internet, etc…. Hopefully I’ll get all this crap sorted quickly so I can get back online…

Thanks for understanding…

Stay safe friends.

Send me ➣ and my character will react to yours slapping a pair of handcuffs on my character’s wrists.

In honor of Munday, ask the muse about the mun!


((*flops on him* Hi~ I see you’ve noticed Fanny.))

(( Course I noticed =P ))